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Valley Popcorn Company

We are the leading Midwest producer of high quality, healthy snack foods...that taste great! Great taste, easy on the waist!

Ready to Eat (RTE) Product Line

Big Bags

Our famous Big Bag's are packed full of 20oz of popcorn. Great for afternoon snacks, party food, movie night(or day), and any other conceivable application!

Big Bag White
Big Bag Yellow
  • Valley PopcornWith only 35 calories per serving, eating the whole bag might not be such a bad idea!
  • Valley PopcornOur white popcorn doesn't contain any harmful additives. We keep it simple - gourmet popcorn, natural coconut oil, and salt.
  • Valley PopcornKeep your heart happy and healthy with 0 cholesterol!
  • Valley PopcornNo gluten.
  • Valley PopcornNo GMO's.
  • Valley PopcornNo trans fat.
  • Valley PopcornWith so many 0's, there is NO guilt when eating our popcorn. Only pure bliss!
White Popcorn Ingredients
Valley Popcorn
Yellow Popcorn Ingredients
Valley Popcorn

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If you are a reseller or distributor please email our sales staff.
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