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Valley Popcorn Reviews

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Best popcorn ever ! So glad you changed the packaging on the large bags of popped corn. It was frustrating when the seams would burst on the old bags. Any other product , I would have stopped purchasing. But this was too good to let that get in the way.

- Dee Gee

The Cheese Popcorn Double Coated has just the right amount of cheese flavor. My son and I enjoyed our first bag together and let me tell you we are hooked. You cannot stop eating this stuff its that darn good.

- Dave H.

This is the BEST popcorn I have ever found. I bought it at HyVee in Austin, MN and I sure hope they continue having it in their store. I would drive the 16 miles to HyVee to buy just this popcorn. The flavor is awesome with the coconut oil and the small short kernels is just the best. I’m on my third bag, hope to buy more in Austin, MN. Thank you.

- Sandy Novak

Without a doubt the most flavorful, crisp and tasty packaged popcorn on the planet! Found this hidden treasure at a single HyVee Store.

- Clyde E. Miller

I love this popcorn and buy it direct! Wonderful service, thank you so much for making such a healthy snack!

- Patti Ricci

This is the BEST popcorn on earth. I LOVE this stuff. I need to find out where they sell it in stores. HyVee in Lawrence, KS is not sure they will restock even after they routinely sell out. It is addictive. Keep popping, Valley Popcorn. This is an amazing product!

- Tracy Bedell

I love buying the 10 pound box of brats for parties at my place and for summer fun. Thanks for selling them they are awesome. Love those klements brats..

- Dale Benson

I love this popcorn the best thing about it is healthy

- Leah Marie Edmark

Q: We have purchased your 7 oz. caramel corn -- it is fabulous -- We have even sent it to friends in Holland and they thought it to be so wonderful! --- Does it come in bigger bags too?

A: Thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately that is the only size we carry it in. 

- Steve VandeHei

This is the best bagged popcorn I have ever had! It has such a great taste, nothing like I have had before in store boughten popcorn. I AM HOOKED ON IT!

- Mary Reines

I’ve got alot of people started on your popcorn down here in southwest Iowa! I’ve been a popcorn lover all my life and this is the best stuff I’ve ever had. And also, non fattening is a plus! Thanks for Valley Popcorn :)

- Doris Schrier

Best "bagged" popcorn I’ve found in my 66 years of looking ! Hope our local HyVee food stores in Sioux Falls SD keep ordering it and making it available. Very, very good.

- Claude M.

I have been buying popcorn from you for at least 9 years. We usually but your white unpopped kernels. You sell the best popcorn, it is delicious every time I make pop corn in my Whirley pop! Service is always friendly and great. Thank you for a fantastic product.

- Lynn

My Sis In Law brought a bag through the door at Xmas time. I thought she brought her own pillow-Here it was a Huge 20oz bag of VALLEY POPCORN!!! It IS THE BEST POPCORN I have ever had...and I’ve had lots! It must be the coconut oil that makes it taste so GREAT! Can’t find it in my hometown...DANG! Asked on FBook if anyone ever sees it to pick me up a few bags. Well- I found a SURPRISE PACKAGE on my porch Friday and it was a box of VALLEY POPCORN! The huge 20 oz bag, 2-16.5 oz bags and 2-5 oz bags of JALEPENO and Double Cheddar cheese. needless to say...2 bags have been devoured. One by Me and one by my Hubby. Looks like I’ll be purchasing on line! VALLEY POPCORN is ABSOLUTELY SCRUMDILLIOUS!!!!!!!

- Kristi Heinrich Wolbert

Bought a HUGE 20 oz bag from the local Hy-Vee in Des Moines, IA and I LOVE IT!! Tastes just like movie theater popcorn, BUT it’s only 2 grams of fat per cup!! I can finally enjoy some yummy popcorn with my Netflix without calling it a cheat meal! :)

- Renae Vandemark

Most people like popcorn. Some of us Love popcorn. I am one of the lovers of it. Came across my first 20 once bag of it shoppin the Pig ( Piggly Wiggly). Price was great and had no real expectations. Got a pillow size bag friends. Zip top closer to boot! Opened the bag and it smelled great. 1st taste made my mouth water. Every time I have it the same thing happens. This is Fantastic food at 35 calories per serving. Keep up the Great work.

- James Armstrong

We at Mid-America cycles purchased a machine, cart and supplies from the good folks at valley Popcorn. We are bike folks, and had no clue what to look for in a machine. They were patient, polite and knowledgeable. I could not be more satisfied with the service, product and price! We are looking forward to offering the product to our customers. If you are thinking about a machine do not hesitate to call on them. Now I just have to figure out how / where to fit a nacho machine and a pretzel warmer.

- Roy Ramsey

The white popcorn with coconut oil... Genius. I currently have one hand in the bag and the other typing this review. I found this popcorn at my local Hy-Vee this past weekend and it will now forever be a staple in my pantry. I am someone who likes to maintain a healthy diet and I couldn’t believe the nutrition label I was reading. I am spreading the word to all my friends and family about your product!

- Sarah Haggar Economo

Premium Rice Popcorn, the Best White Popcorn I ever had.

- John Kussow

I just discovered this at my local Hy-Vee! I had been looking for some reasonably low-carb foods to eat and this fit the bill. What a great product! Highly, highly recommend. I wasn’t expecting to love it quite as much as I do. Thanks!

- Christine Jack Robinson

Must try it !! So happy I bought this giant bag at Butera . Customer for life !

- Jen Derosa

First time bought your popcorn at Woodman’s. It’s the best!!!! Found me a new snack!!

- Paul Raso

Honestly I’m a huge popcorn fan and a family member who lives in nearby you brought this to a family event. I am also a health nut and this is without a doubt my dream popcorn! It tastes just like movie theater popcorn without the greasy, fatty, horrible aspects that go along with it! Being slow cooked with coconut oil is genius!! Love it and I will keep ordering huge bags!!!

- Jason Yorgensen

I found a bag of your double cheddar popcorn at a little convenience store near my house, decided to give it a try, and was so impressed with how good it was! Best stuff ever!

- Kambria Tavonatti

I found a gargantuan-sized bag at our local grocery store of your popcorn and decided to give it a chance. Mind you, I consider myself a bit of a popcorn-aholic; I consume this stuff like it’s chocolate. As a result, I wasn’t expecting much because most of the new stuff that I’d been trying wasn’t up to par. But the Valley Popcorn definitely took me by surprise. And then to see that the company started out in Oshkosh made me feel even more connected, as my family all hails from there. Hats off to an outstanding product!

- Rebecca Suarez

I was just turned on to your popcorn this week, had to go buy a big bag. Delish!! Found it at Piggy Wiggly. I will be a repeat consumer!

- Maryann Spartz

Nicest people ever and amazing popcorn. We love coming here!

- Rachel Rebekah Vincent

I love this popcorn! Can you get Marcus movie theaters to start selling it? I miss popcorn during the movies

- Morgan Meyer

The white popcorn is absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work.

- Pete Thompson

The baby rice popcorn is the best! The popcorn is small and doesn’t even need butter.

- Mary Ashbeck

Awesome popcorn and customer service, wish I could give 10 stars!!!!

- Nancy O. Wescott

Great product and awesome customer service!! We only buy our popcorn from Valley Popcorn! Our whirley pop loves it!

- Michelle Moderson

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