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Kernel Talk: Frequently Asked Questions

I purchase your 22 oz bag of popcorn for at my work, for my snack. I LOVE your white popcorn. Low in calories and saves me the time of popping my own. This is the best popcorn, so much so, that I sent 3 bags back to TN with our grandsons. Thank you for such a great product. I purchase mine at the Baker Drive IGA in Wis Rapids, WI. THANK YOU

Thank you for your feedback! We really love to hear from our customers! In the near future, we will actually be changing our bags to reflect the healthy snack that popcorn truly is. Thank you for being a fan!

We’ve been looking into replacing the front doors on our Cretor PRESIDENT 48 OZ. ELECTRIC 5’ ENCLOSED TOP, (model EPR48E5). Is this a part you have in stock?

We do not usually stock President parts, however if you provide a serial number we can certainly order the doors for you. Please contact service@valleypopcorn.com if you would like us to order them and we can inform you of the process.

I bought a kettle Wire Set. Where do I land each wire on the plug, the thermostat and heating element?

We would have to know the make and model of your popper in order to assist you. Please feel free to contact us directly. Our number is, 920-722-2676. You may also email us at info@valleypopcorn.com

Hi. My son has a severe peanut and tree nut allergy and I am wondering if your products contain nuts or if your factory has nuts. We have been interested in buying your popcorn since we see it around the Milwaukee area. Thanks so much!

Our Big Bag popcorn does not contain peanuts, nor do we process any peanuts or tree nuts at our facility that produces Big Bags. Our Caramel, Triple Mix, and Cheese popcorn is made in a facility that handles nuts. If you would like more information feel free to email info@valleypopcorn.com and they can assist you further. Thanks for your inquiry!

How do you get the real yellow buttery looking popcorn like in movie theaters. What do we need to purchase from you?

Hello, Thank you for your inquiry! We use our red coconut oil to give the popcorn its buttery appearance. The color is simply due to beta-carotene. For extra flavor, we also carry a buttery topping that can be added when its hot and fresh!

Is it less expensive to buy the coconut oil and gourmet white popcorn separately? What is the proportion of oil to popcorn? I bought several varieties of popcorn when I was at your store and am having difficulty with proportioning the oil to the popcorn.

The ratio for the corn to oil is 3:1. For every 1 cup of corn it is 1/3 cup of oil. If you are adding salt(Flavacol or Diamond) to the mix add in about 1 tsp or so. You can also change the amount of salt to be higher or lower for taste. Hope this helps! Any questions please feel free to email us at info@valleypopcorn.com.

How many of your 1.5 oz white bags do you get out of 1 pkg of perfect pack 16 oz?

You will get about 8, 1.5oz bags from 1, 16oz perfect pack! If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thank you.

How many 1.5oz. bags of popcorn can you get out of a 10.6oz. perfect pack of popcorn?

You can get 6 bags of popcorn out of a 10.6oz perfect pack. Thank you for your inquiry.

We have an old pop corn machine. Recently during a show, it seemed to shut down. Not sure why. Do the parts in the motor chamber need oiling or maintaining in any way. It seems to be pretty clean. Any advise? Thanks!

What brand and model is it? For the most part when a machine stops heating it’s something inside the kettle that went out. A wire frayed, the thermostat is bad, and in rare cases the element blows. If you would like to give us a call at (920) 722-2676 we can assist you further.

How much raw popcorn do you use for the 2.2 ounce package of oil? And how much popped corn does amount to?

Thank you for your inquiry. We like to use ratios of 3 parts seed to one part oil, so for the 2oz packet, you would use 6oz of seed. That comes to approximately 6-8 cups.

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