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Are you having trouble with your equipment? Our Technical Services Dept. will help. Are you looking for ways to increase the profits of your concession stand? Let the knowledge of our concession supply specialists be your guide. We specialize in vintage Cretors machines and chances are, we will be able to find the correct parts coupled with the knowledge to upgrade your popper. From the 1947 Hollywood to the 2012 60oz Giant, we have all the parts and service to keep you poppin'! If you are in search of a premier supplier of popcorn, machines and concession supplies, reply under the New Biz Opp. We're here to help!

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Q. I have an Echols Corn Popper Model 490 and need the power cord that is inside that heats up the burners. It plugs into the top of machine on the inside and is a standard 3 prong plug in.

Q. Is it less expensive to buy the coconut oil and gormet white popcorn separately. What is the proportion of oil to popcorn? I bought several varieties of pop orn when I was at your store and am having difficulty with proportioning the oil to the pop orn.

Q. Hi; Do you have parts available for an 8oz Echols Model 490? Thanks in advance for your prompt reply. -Warren

Q. Hi. My son has a severe peanut and tree nut allergy and I am wondering if your products contain nuts or if your factory has nuts. We have been interested in buying your popcorn since we see it around the Milwaukee area. Thanks so much!

Q. I have a T-2000-1B 3/87 I think the serial number on the plate by the on off switches is 92???617. Possibly 001 they are obscured by metal. I am restoring the machine, it works but the stirring stick is gummed up and sticks, the motor fan works well. Is there any type of cleaning product to get this to run smoothly. Thanks, Brenda

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